Monday, 19 December 2011

New kits: Price decrease – increase

During January I will be releasing 2 new kits and updating a few others.

SD021:  Brass etches of Victorian Railways WSA point levers (24 per pack).  Just paint them white using Tamiya in a spray can and tip the top part of the handle black and then insert next to your points. Price $17.00

SD022:  Laser cut trackside/ rural 4 hole fence posts with height gauge (0.8mm micro 3ply).  80 per packet.  Modeller supplies his choice of wire/thread and intermediate droppers.
Price TBA

BE1002: Victorian railways hand wheels has had a change in the etch after 10 years.  40 hand wheels in 3 types.  Price $17.00

BE1004:  Ladders (4 pack), all my original stock has now gone.  New Price increase $10.00.

BE1001A : 20 shunter steps and 40 stirrup steps are now back in stock.  There has been a price Decrease from $22.00 to $20.00.

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy  and Safe New Year.

Chris (Spirit Design)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Hi all,

Thankyou for showing your interest in the ‘Limited run’ Victorian Railways ‘WT’.  The ‘Limited Run’ has now been fully spoken for and I will be allocating the units to modellers once my Victorian N Scale Collective meeting finishes on the weekend.

Everyone that has emailed thus far will be allocated his or her preference on first come basis to my email program.  I currently getting a hold of a some extra underframes but have very limited castings left and will make these available when I can get the all the necessary pieces together.

Once again, thankyou.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

An update on the WT as promised.  I have a very limited number as getting a hold of the required Peco underframes in bulk from the importers has been hard and as a result ONLY 40 have been produced.

Price for the kit which includes a brass etch, Peco underframe, parts, decals and instructions etc is $33.00 or $40.00 with 1 pair of brown ready assembled Microtrains couplers.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Well a month has past since my last entry but there is good news afoot.  The castings for the WT have been done, big hip hip hooray!  I gave up doing them with the precious little spare time I was getting and sent them off to Peter to cast.

The only thing I have to do now is bag them up and change the postal address on the instructions I had printed over a year ago. Oh well, at least they are closer now.  Prices are still yet to be worked out but I should be able to give an update next week.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A new product but not a major release just something to help past kits that may be languishing in the model draw. VLX/VLCX dressup kit for Fybren models /Union Mills kit.

Over the years a number of  modellers have bought these kits. Some assembled them others are still waiting to be built.  I didn't practically like my ones anymore as they were running around and looked to high against my more recent items I had built.  Also I didn't relish that fact that having to scrape all the inside down to accommodate various floor ideas that people had or done or suggested, it just left me cold as I didn't have the much time available.  So I set about creating a simple to assemble / slot in replacement floor that allowed the van to sit prototypically lower and could be done by a novice easily as the previously ways were way too hard and cumbersome.

Visit\VLX.htm  for more details.



Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hi, a minor update to correct a problem. Thanks Bill Mesman for seeing this.

After much checking and reading by fellow proof reader I seem to have got part of the instructions for the Aircon unit the wrong way around in the photos

P12a 2.5mm Basswood Aircon unit should have the Kerfing lines FACING the roof when glued and the thinner 0.8mm plywood part P12 should have its Kerfing lines facing upwards to wards you, which is opposite to the picture in the instructions.  Doing it this way will keep the edges inline with the sides as each piece follows the radius of the roof.  Smooth on smooth.

Hint: Paint the completed roof assembly at the same time as the sides are painted. I.e. complete the roof before doing step1.   Also in the first batch of kits I left out part 26 the cylinder, luckily I can get to all the purchasers as they were mostly VNSC Collective members.

The next batch has the part! I have a system when packing which is a parts list with drawings which is foolproof, but it looks like it's not idiot proof yet!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hi all,

A long time between updates but I hope you will forgive since this is a part-time after hours endeavour and not my real job and I had to complete the Newsletter for the Victorian N Scale Collective.  I also missed the AMRM deadline as well, bugger!

I am very pleased with the decals I had screen printed for the Aircon and CE vans.  These match Steam Era Yellow and as a result I also screen printed a number Loco Chevrons as well.  Now I just need to pack them.  These new decals are compatible even with more aggressive decal softeners like Solvaset.

Just Released are the 71ft Air-conditioned AE/BE/BES/BG series Passenger cars.  So far I’m doing a very limited run of each car (15 of each type) so that I can catch up on other projects. Some kits are already running low as members of the Victorian N Scale Collective had first option on the units at the meeting held at my place last weekend. Kits $45.00 each, bogies $10.00 per pair but only a few remain. You could substitute a Microtrains 1017 as an alternative 4-whell bogie.

4 different panel versions covering the 'AE' 'BE' and BG
Kit 1: 52AE (First & Economy) 51AE/BE (First) 12AE (First)
Kit 2: Matchstick lower panels 4BE, 31BE & 34BE (Economy) 51AE/BE (First)
Kit 3: 50BE & 50BES (Economy) 50AE (First)
Kit 4: 1BG (Economy)

Another new addition to the range is the Twin DCC holder.  $12.00

After using one of these myself I just had to get them for others, as they are a real boon to applying glue in just the right amounts to wooden kits.  Introducing the “Ultrafine Glue Applicator”.  You can lay down a line of glue the width of a pen stroke on your kits.  Great for adding a line of glue up the inside when mating walls together etc.

Only $8.00

The CE will be available in the coming months.


With the warmer weather is approaching I hope to make the moulds for the WT next week and then begin casting.

The kit will feature brass etched components and cast water tank that sits upon a Peco NR121 underframe included in the kit.  Ten numbers will be available on the decal sheet featuring both lettering positions.

The expanded line of line side details ranges has proved to be very popular with modellers wanting to details their layouts.  I have had many comments about the signs used on my layout ‘Wallan’ and decided to make these and other available.  Each is printed on High Quality Silk Cardstock using state of the art Laser equipment printing at very high resolutions.  Also featured on the enamel signs is the correct reverse side enamelled finish.  All are priced at $4.00 per set.
SD014: 48 “Beware of Trains” and “Trespassers Prosecuted” signs.
SD015: 30 Railway Career and Travel posters seen hanging on station platforms.
SD016: 37 different enamel signs from our past.
SD017: 27 Modern signs. Eg KFC, Esso, Holden etc.
SD018: Railway Timetable posters featuring singles, doubles and triple notice boards plus chalkboards and “Notice” to passenger boards.
SD019: 56 “Miles to Griffiths Bros Teas” signs in 28 mileage versions.

A number of fellow modellers are chasing me to finish the Victorian Railways “DR’s” Departmental Residences so I will try and get these out as I have already completed 3 types of toilets and wash sheds.

A future product shown recently to others has been the 3-stall roundhouse.

Expressions of interest needed to keep on developing this. It will have a removal roof to aid in cleaning tracks.

Remember my new Post Office.

Please replace my current details you have with this new address.

Spirit Design
PO Box 192
Lynbrook 3975

Well I hope this update was useful to your modelling needs and if want to see a particular kit or line side detail please drop me an email.