Thursday, 24 March 2022

After the move

Currently, I'm trying to rebuild after a longer than expected absence, but I still have heaps to do on the house move including the garden as the dust and dirt coming in are driving us mad. SpiritDesign will take a back seat whilst this happens.

New products are being devised and some products will be out of stock as the components I need are no longer made, and I must look for an alternative. This sadly affects the carriage series of kits as I can't get the roof material anymore and will look at making it myself or switch to a hybrid kit using both 3D printed and laser bits.
Note that since moving I no longer have a PO box - all communications will be via the contact page on this website or via Facebook etc.
My packaging will be going online to save the environment going forward, but instructions are available for download on the website.

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