Thursday, 24 March 2022

After the move

Currently, I'm trying to rebuild after a longer than expected absence, but I still have heaps to do on the house move including the garden as the dust and dirt coming in are driving us mad. SpiritDesign will take a back seat whilst this happens.

New products are being devised and some products will be out of stock as the components I need are no longer made, and I must look for an alternative. This sadly affects the carriage series of kits as I can't get the roof material anymore and will look at making it myself or switch to a hybrid kit using both 3D printed and laser bits.
Note that since moving I no longer have a PO box - all communications will be via the contact page on this website or via Facebook etc.
My packaging will be going online to save the environment going forward, but instructions are available for download on the website.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021


The older you get the more you realise that it takes way longer to fix issues when you have an accident or two.  Recently I tore the tendons in my shoulder and strained the others on the opposite side.  Needless to say, it’s a slow recovery but I believe I should get full movement without pain within the next 2 years.

Just to show that I have still managed some things I have been tinkering with a mech which is spot on for H220.  Trial 3D models below.

Also at the same time, I did an S class unstreamlined with original tender, streamlined tender and a C class.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Forging ahead slowly

I have several new products finally coming together. I have spent some time trying to finish things off around work and normal family life in these COVID times.

Long wheelbase T vans are at the casters now (see photo) and will be available in plain and with signage as an optional extra. Initially, Tancred Bros and VIMA will be available and then followed by William Angliss meats.

Arriving from the etchers will be T3, 4 and 5 series commonly known as the low nose, H and the high cab with later series long hood style. Sorry, but the low nose T and H are already pre-ordered and I’ll have to get more soon as I can get more decals.

Also arriving in the etch will be a very limited number of W’s to fit the terrier mech that will be re-released by Dapol later in the year.  The kit will feature 3D body, etch parts, decals and laser cut items.  Yes, there is room for a decoder and weight!

The website will be updated soon with new SOH figures as I have been steadily increasing the no of kits held.

Happy modelling during these COVID times