Friday 9 February 2024

 Locos Locos Locos

The trouble with VR N scale is locos with mechs are not available so we have little option in running our roster.

Well, that has all changed! The latest release of 6 locomotives (5 T class - H class) allows modellers to run a larger roster even if powered mechs are unavailable. How’s that?  Each kit comes with a dummy rolling chassis that allows the builder to complete it to run on your railway and when in the future you obtain a mech you can easily convert it! For a special introductory offer, these are available at $100.00 per kit

The kits include 3D printed body and bogies with metal wheels, decals, number boards, horns, handrails, etched grill work for the body and brass wire.

T320 –T346 requires Atlas VO 1000 mech to motorise

All the other T’s and H’s require a Bachmann S2/4 to motorise

Where to get them

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