Wednesday 15 November 2023

 Heaps of new products coming or landed now

Recently I released 11 new products with more to come

Several brass kits have been updated to 3D versions, which will allow more builders to easily complete their rosters as the 3D prints are 1-piece bodies with only a few components to glue on.

This has allowed 6 versions of the T class including T413 dynamic braked unit and the Y class.  What's more, I have now developed dummy units so all the above will be available with running chassies.  So, if you can't find a mech or can’t convert one these kits will allow your roster to expand with little effort and a reduced financial investment.

The dummy versions of the T's and Y's will be compatible with the DC and DCC systems you have. These will be available before Christmas as I'm printing the bodies and laser-cutting the other parts needed to complete the kits

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