Saturday, 3 September 2016

Kit updates:

Although I have a heap of projects on the go and some would say too many there gets to be a point when you are waiting on outside companies and solutions to various problems before a kit can be released.  During this period which happens often I ponder if I can improve or enhance existing kits.  As a result of this and my slow progression into CAD (lol) I have managed to finish a ‘W’ bogie for my AW, BW, ABU/W passenger cars and CW guards van.

Currently they are being 3D printed and I hope to have some within about 3 weeks to test.  Also the first shipment of SOP/AE pass car 3D printed bogies will also arrive.

Currently waiting packing are the BLF/X bogie van and steel T van.  Lastly the GH etches and masters are done and a special jig will be with each set of wagons to aid the builder getting the correct angle on the walkways.

If you have a queries regarding any of the future products email me at  Replace the (dot) with a .  This is stop the auto spammers.

Chris Pearce – Spirit Design

Friday, 20 May 2016

Arriving soon a new vserion of the T van

Silly me, I forgot to mention that the wooden bodied T van is due from overseas from the 3D printers and will be assessed and then cleaned up prior to casting and put into kits with an Aust-N-Rail underframe.
Advertising decals will also be available as a separate item. These include Vima, William Angliss meats and Tancred Bros.
Happy modelling - Chris Spirit Design

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Latest release and 3D work in the pipeline

The latest release is the Victorian Railways 4 wheel sheep 'L' wagon with the gable roof. This is a composite kit of timber and card using a GY underframe available separately. The first run sold out and when I get some time I will run another batch for those that missed out.
 Also being developed now are the following: 
Victorian Railways 4 wheel steel T van
Victorian railways GH both roof hatch versions
 Victorian Railways FH fertiliser wagon based on the GH design

 HD and U van underframe
 Victorian Railways wooden HD van
 Victorian Railways U/HD steel 4 wheel wagon
 Victorian Railways FX flour wagon
Victorian Railways Spirit of Progress - AE passenger bogie
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