Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What next


just a minor update to say thank you to all the modellers that have supported the Flat Top T class kit. All units have been sold and the extra Y's that were in the T class etches have also been sold out.

I may be able to squeeze a T or two when I do my favourite T class (2nd series) a bit later. I will now try and finish off some other projects and have some well earned rest doing the Wallan - Heathcote section of my layout.

Any suggestions as to what I should try and make next?


Happy modelling

Chris Pearce

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hi fellow modellers,
just a minor update. Currently working on packing and assembling the long hoods of the 'Flat Top T'. More 3D parts should arrive this week and I hope they are there in the PO box this Saturday.

The see through grills on the etch have come up a treat.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Slowly tiding up my projects. Now I have just have to write instructions for the signal box after I get some comments back from fellow modellers when I attend the next VNSC meeting this Saturday.

Being packed this week are the ABU/W and the ABE composite Victorian Railways country carriages.  These will include internal partitions as well as the usual comprehensive instructions and prototype photos to aid building your model.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Well I hope this update finds you well.  The 3D parts arrived and they look fantastic.  They will be a great addition to the ‘Flat Top T class’ and will speed up the assembly process.  The brass etch was sent away for processing and when its back I will start on the pre-forming the ‘Mansard’ long hood to make the assembly even easier.

Also in the final stages now, I’m just photographing the assembly and penning the instructions for the ABU and ABE composite passenger carriages.  As a bonus these kits will come with internal partitioning for the carriage compartments.  Assembly of the partitions couldn’t be easier using slots to join the parts together.  Speaking to my fellow modellers I will also make the partitions for the previous released kits in the range.
Above is the new ABU showing internal partitions prior to the roof going on. The toilet partitions have been left out so the you can still put weight above the bogies.

Price reduction. I have managed to get a better deal on the Ultra-Fine glue applicators and as a result they are now HALF PRICE! $4.00 now


Chris Pearce
Spirit Design

Friday, 4 July 2014

Thankyou to all the well-wishers that have come through over the last 14months after a much unexpected event rocked my life and I am slowly piecing back together my life and Spirit Design.
A consequence the ‘Flat Top T has been delayed and all other projects for which I truly apologise but they are now moving forward again.
Since nearly completing the T many advances have been made in modelling field of which I have decided to incorporate some into this kit to make it easier on the builder.
The comprehensive instructions have been checked by two noted builders and I now just await the 3D printed parts for some items to then start releasing the kits.
The ‘Flat Top’ kit is for the discerning builder who wants heaps of detail and is prepared to put the effort in assembly one. This kit is easier than the Y class of which I have so many favourable comments.  The kit will include screen printed VR chevrons with ‘Easy mask’, brass numberplates, paper numbers, marker light numbers for the entire class, injection moulded parts, 3d printed parts, and laser cut windows.  Each kit comes with a pre-formed, tack soldered ‘Mansard long hood to ease construction. You will need an Atlas VO 1000 to complete the loco.
Also well advance is the 2 series T class with ‘Mansard’ long hood.  ABE and ABU/W country carriages are well advanced.  A new range of 3D printed items will be available as well as some new LCL containers. For steam lovers a ‘C’ class water crane is being drawn up in 3D as well.
Enjoy your modelling.
Chris Pearce
3D printed marker lights
3D printed exhaust plate and exhaust
3D printed head lights
Series 2 T class 'High cab'