Sunday, 22 January 2012

More U van Decals

After having artwork prepared for ages I thought I had better finish this project. You may have well seen my earlier ones in issue 234 of AMRM.

15 New N Scale U van decals have been added to the range and another 8 U vans plus 3 T vans ones once I finish the T van master.

These include Allens, Sickle Brand, Younghusband, VPC, Gippsland & Northern, Hardys, Quick Enamel, 2  x Peters, KSP Chandler, Hutmil, Edison, Kurdeez.

I forgot to add that I have a UB kit for the Aust-N-Rail U van which will also include the Hendersons Spring logo.

I will start packaging the items at the end of next week if I manage to get all the printing done.



Updated Signage of the vans from previously shown here

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flat Top T

I recently recieved back some changes I was doing on my brass 'Y' class and as I had part of the etch sheet spare where I attempt new things and ideas for kits etc I decided to have a go at the iconic Victorian Railways Flat Top T Class.

Below is the first etch I think. I will only have to do one more as I have tweaked the artwork for the minor problems that I struck on the cab roof and a few other minor areas. Those pesky front marker lights are another problem still to be worked out.

Anyway it should look good on my layout 'Wallan'