Saturday, 29 September 2012

24 hrs later

I just thought you might like to see what a dirty Y class looks like. Its the same Y except it has had a decent application of weathering applied.


Friday, 28 September 2012

Well after a few stops and starts I managed to finish off my Y class.  I have organised a few workshops for the guys to help build their units and it’s good to see some first time builders sign up so it should be fun.  The instructions have been written and the scrutineers are combing over the final wording and suggesting any changes that may be needed.

The kit is only available from Spirit Design and will go on sale to the general public after I complete a few workshops over the next month or so.

Some photos of the loco below.  The blue in the photos is actually darker in real life but I lightened it to show off some of the detail for the page.



Y101 is put to work on Wallan as aging K157 and K179 look on.