Tuesday, 30 May 2017

2nd Series super detailed T class kit

Just letting interested modellers know that a very small run of then Super Kit Series : T 347 – T356 is going into production soon and I would like to get numbers of modellers looking to acquiring one. 

The kit includes the brass etch with see through grill work, detailed items including state of art 3D printed parts, cast bogie side frames, laser cut components, laser cut cab glazing, all 10 class number boards, marker light boards and colour matched Victorian Railways chevrons and V/Line decals.  10 pages of instructions with photos will help guide the builder through the various steps along the way.  Also to aid the builder all kits come with long hood pre-formed to shape and the nose tack soldered into place. 

If there is enough numbers the etch can be nickel brass which is brilliant to solder and tarnishing is minimized for an extra $10.
Also I will do 5 Y class and 5 first series T class for those that may be interested. 
Happy modelling
Chris Pearce