Saturday, 22 December 2012

I have had positive feedback from the N scale Y class hands on workshop with many completing or nearing completion of their units. Darren showed me how he had altered his chassis further and I’m incorporating these ideas plus a few others into the new chassis which current builders can have when I finish prototyping it for free.

With my Y’s up and running I decided that Wallan needed a ‘T’ or two.  With this in mine when I did the recent Y etch I left a small area devoted to testing and as a result my first effort is below.  From the feedback received prior to even doing this blog update is that many want to sink their teeth into these.

The ‘T’ will be a lot easier than the Y and will fit the standard VO 1000 mech with a couple easy and minor mods. There have been some minor changes to the first etch and I’ll do a new prototype soon to gauge feedback.

My two completed brass N Scale T's (so far) on my mates layout.



Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Y class workshop

I note that with the large RTR HO market the amount of builders wishing to tackle projects has dropped off immensely and so as a consequence skills are diminishing as well.  In N scale this is also starting to happen with many modellers preferring to buy rather than hone their skills which is a shame.

With this in mind when I created the Y class etch I wanted only to sell to modellers who would be likely to finish the kit as I personally get more satisfaction when I see the builder ACTUALLY finish their model and not put it in a draw.  I would rather not have the sale if someone were not going to ever start a kit.

So with this in mind I kicked off the 1st of 2 Y class hands on workshops.  Each group was given ahead of time the kit instructions, a list of 34 tools required and two websites to hone their soldering backgrounds on before commencement.

I had quite a few eager builders who for the very first time were going to attend the workshop and build their locos.  Every novice said to me that had I not had a hands on workshop they wouldn’t have attempted such a kit (my point for holding these).

The kit would teach soldering skills, loco mechanism cannibalization, wood working skills (plywood chassis) and other essential modelling skills not generally given out these days.

The day turned out to be an overwhelming success for the pupils who now say they are willing to tackle more scratch building and soldering, my ultimate aim in the first place.

Well I must say that I very pleased with the positive attitude, willingness to have ago shown by all present and when someone found difficulty with a particular step, others or myself were willing to assist which made for a great day.

Part 2 of their workshop is on soon and group 2’s will be starting shortly.

It was immense fun.


Chris Pearce (Spirit Design)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

24 hrs later

I just thought you might like to see what a dirty Y class looks like. Its the same Y except it has had a decent application of weathering applied.


Friday, 28 September 2012

Well after a few stops and starts I managed to finish off my Y class.  I have organised a few workshops for the guys to help build their units and it’s good to see some first time builders sign up so it should be fun.  The instructions have been written and the scrutineers are combing over the final wording and suggesting any changes that may be needed.

The kit is only available from Spirit Design and will go on sale to the general public after I complete a few workshops over the next month or so.

Some photos of the loco below.  The blue in the photos is actually darker in real life but I lightened it to show off some of the detail for the page.



Y101 is put to work on Wallan as aging K157 and K179 look on.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New arrivals for August

Hi, just another quick update to say that the following is now available.

OB's with pressed and modern doors by Badger Bits. Wonderful detail in the casting taken from a rapid prototype master. Each one is supplied with a set of decals and is priced at $20.00 per wagon.  Bogies $5.00 extra including archbar variety if requested. Microtrains couplers available separately as well.

Badger Bits DL with brass etch miirrors and wipers for the ureathane casting. Price $95.00  Decals can be requested as Phil will do some for each one sold that the customer wants.

36" spoked wheels are now back in stock. 12 pk only $12.00

Enjoy yout modelling.

Chris Pearce (SpiritDesign)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Time flys by quickly the last few months

Well this should please a few modellers building layouts that are not just track but contain scenery portions.  Just released is an N Scale 2-pack kit of the Victorian Railways departmental residences that were such a common site from the 1950’s till present.  The kits are laser cut 1.2mm mosquito plywood (ex WW2 planes) and feature detailed instructions, parts list, window glazing, history notes, suggested colour schemes and brick paper for the chimneys.

There is a 3-bedroom LH elevation house and a 2-bedroom RH elevation house, which will give modellers plenty of scope to adapt to their liking. Price for the 2pack is $45.00

Top 3 Bedroom house and below is the 2 bedroom version.
Another N scale scenery detail item from Spirit Design is a new range of country signs relating to the Victorian Railways and road signage from the 1940’s till present.  The packs features 75 signs that contain Railway crossing signs from different eras with wooden and enamel varieties, plus modern era aluminium versions.  Pre 1973 Stop signs and post 1973 era ones.  Caution boards, railway gate 4ft target signs, speed restrictions and normal running boards plus local running shed engine and catch point boards.  All printed double sided on satin card stock where required.  Price per pack $5.00

Above is a low res shot of some of the items.

Decals N Scale: when producing the Aircon and CE carriage decals I decided to also get  a few diesel units made as well.

C class diesel chevrons featuring “Easy Trim” film, numberplates and maker lights for C501 - C510.
The chevrons (6 sets) are Screen-printed to match Steam Era Diesel Yellow.  Numberplates and marker light numbers are laser printed (entire class). Price $8.00 Kit no. SDCDiesel

B & B class diesel chevrons featuring “Easy Trim” film, numberplates and maker lights for S300 -S317 & B60 - B85.  The chevrons (6 nose sets) and 12 stripe sets are Screen printed to match Steam Era Diesel Yellow.  Numberplates and marker light numbers are laser printed (entire class). Price $8.00 Kit no. SBDecal

Work slowly continues on the Williamstown Silo and CE roof parts and the Y class diesel etch and tests for others items are being etched at present.

Till next time, happy modelling Chris Pearce.


Monday, 6 February 2012

I thought you might like to see some of the actual decals on some U vans.  Sorry about the reflections as I wasn't using my normal light box and only the 2 yellow vans have been dull coated so far when the shot was taken.

Just a bit more packaging to sort out and printing of the others and then they will be available.

Prices range from $5.00 - $9.00


Sunday, 22 January 2012

More U van Decals

After having artwork prepared for ages I thought I had better finish this project. You may have well seen my earlier ones in issue 234 of AMRM.

15 New N Scale U van decals have been added to the range and another 8 U vans plus 3 T vans ones once I finish the T van master.

These include Allens, Sickle Brand, Younghusband, VPC, Gippsland & Northern, Hardys, Quick Enamel, 2  x Peters, KSP Chandler, Hutmil, Edison, Kurdeez.

I forgot to add that I have a UB kit for the Aust-N-Rail U van which will also include the Hendersons Spring logo.

I will start packaging the items at the end of next week if I manage to get all the printing done.



Updated Signage of the vans from previously shown here

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flat Top T

I recently recieved back some changes I was doing on my brass 'Y' class and as I had part of the etch sheet spare where I attempt new things and ideas for kits etc I decided to have a go at the iconic Victorian Railways Flat Top T Class.

Below is the first etch I think. I will only have to do one more as I have tweaked the artwork for the minor problems that I struck on the cab roof and a few other minor areas. Those pesky front marker lights are another problem still to be worked out.

Anyway it should look good on my layout 'Wallan'