Friday, 14 April 2017

GH wagons

SpiritDesign is about to release the N scale Victorian Railways GH in a few versions. Both the twin lid and long single lid will be available comprising detailed etches, jigs to aid walkway angles and handrail holes. Detailed instructions with prototype photos, hints and tips, decals and with 3 of each type of GH included in a box. The kit can be built a number of ways either with minimal detail or full detail. Even lashing rings that were on the sides are in the etch as well.

NO drilling for the walkway is necessary as the holes are provided in the casting.

You will have 3 options for underframes.

1 use the correct 3D printed one with Fox Valley metal wheels
2 supplied with Aust-N-Rail GY underframes
3 use your own already purchased Aust-N-Rail underframes or what you are comfortable with

Long bin lid sitting on an Aust-N-Rail GY underframe and the new 3D printed with correct handbrake underframe by SpiritDesign
Kits will weigh the same as GY’s already out there for ease of use but you may add extra weight if you like.
Happy modeling