Sunday, 30 August 2015

Small scenery details

Just another of my small detail items that make a scene. These are N scale KPH signs as seen when approaching a curve. These are the modern equivalent of my earlier MPH speed board curve signs.

All are printed front and rear with authentic colours. Each pack contains 84 signs - 4 of each speed which includes Left hand and right hand versions.

Price includes 6 wire posts and signs can be attached using Selley's Water based KWIK Grip.  $4.00 per pack.

Happy modelling
Chris Pearce

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cant believe I missed this

Decided to do a major stocktake and clean up of kits, items and generally take stock of what I was doing to consolidate things.  Well I cant believe that I missed releasing this kit that has been sitting in the cupboard for 2 years. Not that it's major item but someone will probably need these.

SD025 : Road signs - 324 signs with 112 different types in all. They have been printed on silk card both front and rear with correct colours. The builder just needs to attach them to a pole, bridge, tree or whatever you feel is correct for your scene. $5.00 per pack

I plan to release these and others in the larger scales soon.

Happy modelling

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Stops and starts

Sorry for no news for a while but had a few stops and starts regarding the laser but all is good now. Started filling the back log of orders on kits and even managed to create a new one.

After feedback I have created a 50ft goods shed platform kit SD026 to go with the 50ft Goods shed SD005. Price is $30.00 but when buying with the SD005 a discount of $5.00 will be given to modellers.

The kit allows both a left and right version to be made.

 Also available are 3D printed N scale Milk cans 10 pack $5.00 SD027

Also being trialled whilst I finish instructions for the signal box are the V cars.

Happy modelling