Saturday, 3 September 2016

Kit updates:

Although I have a heap of projects on the go and some would say too many there gets to be a point when you are waiting on outside companies and solutions to various problems before a kit can be released.  During this period which happens often I ponder if I can improve or enhance existing kits.  As a result of this and my slow progression into CAD (lol) I have managed to finish a ‘W’ bogie for my AW, BW, ABU/W passenger cars and CW guards van.

Currently they are being 3D printed and I hope to have some within about 3 weeks to test.  Also the first shipment of SOP/AE pass car 3D printed bogies will also arrive.

Currently waiting packing are the BLF/X bogie van and steel T van.  Lastly the GH etches and masters are done and a special jig will be with each set of wagons to aid the builder getting the correct angle on the walkways.

If you have a queries regarding any of the future products email me at  Replace the (dot) with a .  This is stop the auto spammers.

Chris Pearce – Spirit Design