Sunday, 16 October 2016

Recently I released a number of kits.

The VP express baggage van that was constructed by the Victorian Railways in 1954-56. If you want 1 or 2 I will have to put you down for the next order as all have sold out already.

The BLF/BLX kit which includes bogies and decals has been released and has been cast from a 3D master supplied by Rob Popovski. Price $30.00 stocks are reasonable but are dwindling steadily.

The steel T van utilising an Aust-n-Rail underframe complete with decals, laser timber walkways and couplers is available for a limited time.

Finalising the following items:

A special jig is being tested from laser cut timber to aid the modeller when bending and setting the walkways for the GH's. Underframes both RTR and my own 3D printed ones will complete the kits.

A number of new underframes have been tried and tested and will be available for all my previous kits that relied upon Peco items.

Also a new range of metal replacement wheels for the older style Peco units will arrived shortly.
New jig to aid walkway construction being trialled now