Monday, 7 December 2015

Water Tank wagons - WT

I have managed to get some more etches in along side other projects and as a result I can offer again a limited number of WT kits at the old price of $33.00 even though the underframe has cost more from overseas due to our poor performing dollar.

The kit consists of a brass etch, tank casting, decals and an underframe with Rapido couplers but the instructions cover MicroTrains couplers

Anyway not that many available - let me know your interest.

Also after a long absence the 2 pot Flour and Cement wagons are being reworked to use the Aust-N-Rail underframe and will be released with revision of the instructions.

Happy modelling - Chris

Monday, 19 October 2015


Now for something completely different!

Stunning Victorian Railways replica steam and diesel numberplates for the man cave!

They look like the real thing at a fraction of the cost. Each plate is authentically reproduced using drawings, real life measurements and access to real collections from various sources. The fronts and backs of the plates are faithfully reproduce to VR standards using a laser cutter. Larger plates are made in 2 pieces because they are bigger than the laser can handle. True 1:1 scale assembled MDF version you just lightly sand and paint.
Other numbers built on request. Contact for further details.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Small scenery details

Just another of my small detail items that make a scene. These are N scale KPH signs as seen when approaching a curve. These are the modern equivalent of my earlier MPH speed board curve signs.

All are printed front and rear with authentic colours. Each pack contains 84 signs - 4 of each speed which includes Left hand and right hand versions.

Price includes 6 wire posts and signs can be attached using Selley's Water based KWIK Grip.  $4.00 per pack.

Happy modelling
Chris Pearce

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cant believe I missed this

Decided to do a major stocktake and clean up of kits, items and generally take stock of what I was doing to consolidate things.  Well I cant believe that I missed releasing this kit that has been sitting in the cupboard for 2 years. Not that it's major item but someone will probably need these.

SD025 : Road signs - 324 signs with 112 different types in all. They have been printed on silk card both front and rear with correct colours. The builder just needs to attach them to a pole, bridge, tree or whatever you feel is correct for your scene. $5.00 per pack

I plan to release these and others in the larger scales soon.

Happy modelling

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Stops and starts

Sorry for no news for a while but had a few stops and starts regarding the laser but all is good now. Started filling the back log of orders on kits and even managed to create a new one.

After feedback I have created a 50ft goods shed platform kit SD026 to go with the 50ft Goods shed SD005. Price is $30.00 but when buying with the SD005 a discount of $5.00 will be given to modellers.

The kit allows both a left and right version to be made.

 Also available are 3D printed N scale Milk cans 10 pack $5.00 SD027

Also being trialled whilst I finish instructions for the signal box are the V cars.

Happy modelling

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Just letting everyone know that I'm currently out of action as the laser has broken down and requires a large amount to fix. This will cost 4-6 weeks depending on how soon the spares can be flown in from the USA.  All projects are on hold but I will do my best to get back on track as soon as practical.

So if any one wants some kits to help fund the large capital purchase I'll try and supply you what I can.

Once again I'm sorry for the delays but its out of my hands. Happy modelling!

Chris Pearce
Spirit Design

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Well its always nice to get feedback and I thought that I would start sharing some of the photos of customers models that they send me. These M vans and ZLP are by Jamie Winderlich. And to quote Jamie

"Excellent to build, they simply fell together!"

Send me some of your kit builds so that I can display them for others.

Update:  I'm trying hard to try and finish some projects but after a recent injury I find that being on a computer all day (my day job) causes neck pain so it limits my ability to use one at night hence the slow down.

I will hopefully have something new soon.