Saturday, 22 December 2012

I have had positive feedback from the N scale Y class hands on workshop with many completing or nearing completion of their units. Darren showed me how he had altered his chassis further and I’m incorporating these ideas plus a few others into the new chassis which current builders can have when I finish prototyping it for free.

With my Y’s up and running I decided that Wallan needed a ‘T’ or two.  With this in mine when I did the recent Y etch I left a small area devoted to testing and as a result my first effort is below.  From the feedback received prior to even doing this blog update is that many want to sink their teeth into these.

The ‘T’ will be a lot easier than the Y and will fit the standard VO 1000 mech with a couple easy and minor mods. There have been some minor changes to the first etch and I’ll do a new prototype soon to gauge feedback.

My two completed brass N Scale T's (so far) on my mates layout.