Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Y class workshop

I note that with the large RTR HO market the amount of builders wishing to tackle projects has dropped off immensely and so as a consequence skills are diminishing as well.  In N scale this is also starting to happen with many modellers preferring to buy rather than hone their skills which is a shame.

With this in mind when I created the Y class etch I wanted only to sell to modellers who would be likely to finish the kit as I personally get more satisfaction when I see the builder ACTUALLY finish their model and not put it in a draw.  I would rather not have the sale if someone were not going to ever start a kit.

So with this in mind I kicked off the 1st of 2 Y class hands on workshops.  Each group was given ahead of time the kit instructions, a list of 34 tools required and two websites to hone their soldering backgrounds on before commencement.

I had quite a few eager builders who for the very first time were going to attend the workshop and build their locos.  Every novice said to me that had I not had a hands on workshop they wouldn’t have attempted such a kit (my point for holding these).

The kit would teach soldering skills, loco mechanism cannibalization, wood working skills (plywood chassis) and other essential modelling skills not generally given out these days.

The day turned out to be an overwhelming success for the pupils who now say they are willing to tackle more scratch building and soldering, my ultimate aim in the first place.

Well I must say that I very pleased with the positive attitude, willingness to have ago shown by all present and when someone found difficulty with a particular step, others or myself were willing to assist which made for a great day.

Part 2 of their workshop is on soon and group 2’s will be starting shortly.

It was immense fun.


Chris Pearce (Spirit Design)