Wednesday, 25 July 2018

3D making prototyping much easier

One small step for man but a giant leap for my 3D prototyping. I get frustrated with having to make minor changes to models and then wait another month before they arrive back in my hands. Three iterations and there is 3 months gone. Having seen the progress in 3D printers, I took the plunge and went for a cheap resin printer capable of doing very fine resolution and after watching online tutorials and reviews, I am glad I did. I was about order my next model from Shapeways that I had uploaded for iteration no 4 when I decided to give the printer a chance to earn its keep for exactly as I had planned for it.

One it excelled on the print and two and most importantly, I had made a booboo again when working in a mirrored version in that I had moved two supports 0.5mm the wrong way and now they were 1mm away from the correct position.

I corrected the model and 2 hours later, the job was complete saving me a month’s turnaround again. Man, I am pumped and as a result, prototyping will be a lot quicker!
Below Flexicoil bogie sideframes for B's and S's - back row steam loco headlights

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